On September 28, of ths year in the State Museum of Nature of Armenia took place  an event dedicated to the Independence Day of Armenia under by a headline “Hero Battle”.
Unfortunately, from land to sea, Armenia has left us an inheritance that is not even visible to the world map with the naked eye. But that small area will also have enough understanding of the rich heritage we have received from our ancestors.Heritage, it includes strength, faith, but a small country that never forgets about itself.
And it was this power and faith that revived a nation without a state for 300 years, forcing it to stand up and proclaim the name of the world by its own lips on September 21, 1991. What we have today is really the result of the dedication, sacrifice and courage of the Armenian people. The love for the homeland gets bright colors in the life of the creator who, through his brush, has given this rich legacy to the canvas.
The exhibition by a headline “Hero Battle” was Susan Avanesyan’s first solo exhibition at the State Museum of Nature of Armenia.

Susan Avanesyan is a member of the Artists Union of Armenian and a member of the World  Armenian’sArtists Union  and has participated in numerous exhibitions.

Co-chair of the Union of Armenian Painters of the World Ghazar Mirzoyan made  his speech. Chairman of Fidanyas organization Seyran Chilingaryan,  awarded the State Museum of Nature of Armenia with a certificate o for organizing an event dedicated to the 28th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

Director  of the Museum Gayane Ghazaryan presented Susan Avanesyan with a certificate and congratulated those present on Independence Day.

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