“Wider Friends”,

On April 1 in 1906 an international conservation protection memorandum was signed. From that day the world celebrates April 1 as the International Day for the Protection of Birds.
That day’s choice is not accidental. It is that  time when  birds  are coming from warm countries are returning.
The purpose of the holiday is to preserve the diversity and number of birds.
On April 2, at 13:00, the State Museum of Nature of Armenia jointly with the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds organized an event by a headline “Wider Friends”, which will be co-ordinated by Marianna Danielyan the Eco-educational program coordinator of the Armenian Bird Conservation Union.
Participants of the event are pupils of school No. 24 named after S. Spandaryan.

Children will watch a film about the bird of the  year blue alcone  , and then through the intellectual games, questions and answers, the pupils’ knowledge of eco-education will be strenghtend.