On July 2, of this year  the opening of the exhibition by a headline ” Love to nature “” took place at the State Museum of Nature of Armenia.,the author of which is painter Alvard (Sardar) Sardaryan.
Harmony of colors and the charm  of the nature inspired the creator. The latter’s brush is the exclusive gift of seeing this inexhaustible imagination and beauty. The painter also deals with footprints.

Artist Gayane Grigoryan, poetess, reciter Manushak Miasaryan, Melsida Havunts, chairman of the Armenian Music House Melodies Organization made their speeches during the event. Norvard Tatinyants and singer-songwriter Armina Jtrkyan performed musical performances. Gayane Ghazaryan, Director of the State Museum of Nature  of Armenia welcomed attendees  and awarded Alvard Sardaryan with a  certificate from the State Museum of Nature of Armenia.
The exhibition will last about two months.

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