To live by nature is what gives a human the most vital  thing in the world – life. Nature gives  a human  the power to create a cosmic opportunity through his beauty and variety of colors. And we certainly cannot ignore the strong  and influential power of art, as it  is one of the best means of establishing and strengthening  the connection between human and nature.

On November 27 of this year at  the State Museum of Nature of Armenia  took place the opening of the exhibition by a headline “We should live the nature”, authored by Hayarpi and Hayastan Ivanians. They are doctors by profession and they spend their free time painting, which has attracted the attention of professionals.

Artsakh hero Pavlik Manukyan, cultural critic Gayane Grigoryan, artist, philosopher Armo Arakelyan, writer Hrant Vagharshyan and others made their speeches.

Hayarpi and Hayastan  Ivanians received a certificate of appreciation from the State Museum of Nature of Armenia for their unique work, which was handed by the Director of the Museum Gayane Ghazaryan.
The exhibition will be open  till  December 10.

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