Through its activities, the Museum is particularly trying to reinforce and deepen the knowledge and nature of the younger generation as much as possible.
The beauty of nature and the variety of colors have always inspired the creator. The grace of seeing the beauty and the  endless imagination belong to the latter’s paintbrush. The grace whish  has been shown at various exhibitions and won awards.
An exhibition by a headline  “Wonders of Nature” was opened at the State Museum of Nature of Armenia on December 14, of this year  authored by Hamik Vardanyan, who attends Art School  named after Avet Terteryan’s. Hamik is interested in everything that relates to artists’ lives and creations.

Hamik Vardanyan was awarded with a certificate from the State Museum of Nature of Armenia.

We hope that this exhibition will stimulate his  further creative life.
The exhibition will run till December 21.

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